Suruga Bank Championship

Suruga Bank Championship
Founded 2008 (2008)
Region South America (CONMEBOL) and Japan (JFA)
Number of teams 2
Current champions Colombia Santa Fe (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Japan Kashima Antlers (2 titles)
Television broadcasters Fox Sports
2016 Suruga Bank Championship

The J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship Final, officially called the 'Suruga Bank Championship' (スルガ銀行チャンピオンシップ Suruga Ginkō Chanpionshippu); Spanish: Copa Suruga Bank), is an annual intercontinental football match contested by the reigning champions of the J. League Cup and the Copa Sudamericana.


This intercontinental championship was established in early 2008 by the Japan Football Association (JFA), CONMEBOL, and J. League, and sponsored by Suruga Bank in Japan. The championship is hosted annually in the Japanese champion's home stadium.

The first match was played on July 30, 2008 at Nagai Stadium in Osaka where Argentina's Arsenal defeated Japan's Gamba Osaka by 1–0.


Season Country Winner Score Runner-up Country Venue Attendance Notes
2008  ARG Arsenal 1–0 Gamba Osaka  JPN Nagai Stadium, Osaka 19,728
2009  BRA Internacional 2–1 Oita Trinita  JPN Ōita Stadium, Ōita 16,505
2010  JPN Tokyo 2–2 (4–3 pen.) LDU Quito  ECU National Stadium, Tokyo 19,423
2011  JPN Júbilo Iwata 2–2 (4–2 pen.) Independiente  ARG Shizuoka Stadium, Fukuroi 19,034
2012  JPN Kashima Antlers 2–2 (7–6 pen.) Universidad de Chile  CHI Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima 20,021
2013  JPN Kashima Antlers 3–2 São Paulo  BRA Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima 26,695
2014  JPN Kashiwa Reysol 2–1 Lanús  ARG Hitachi Kashiwa Stadium, Kashiwa 10,140
2015  ARG River Plate 3–0 Gamba Osaka  JPN Osaka Expo '70 Stadium, Osaka 12,722
2016  COL Santa Fe 1–0 Kashima Antlers  JPN Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima 19,716


By club

Team Won Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
Japan Kashima Antlers212012, 2013 2016
Argentina Arsenal102008
Brazil Internacional102009
Japan Tokyo102010
Japan Júbilo Iwata102011
Japan Kashiwa Reysol102014
Argentina River Plate102015
Colombia Santa Fe102016
Japan Gamba Osaka022008, 2015
Japan Oita Trinita012009
Ecuador LDU Quito012010
Argentina Independiente012011
Chile Universidad de Chile012012
Brazil São Paulo012013
Argentina Lanús012014

By nation

Nation Times won Times runner-up Winning clubs Runners-up
Japan Japan 5 4 Kashima Antlers (2), Tokyo (1), Júbilo Iwata (1), Kashiwa Reysol (1) Gamba Osaka (2), Oita Trinita (1), Kashima Antlers (1)
Argentina Argentina 2 2 Arsenal (1), River Plate (1) Independiente (1), Lanús (1)
Brazil Brazil 1 1 Internacional (1) São Paulo (1)
Colombia Colombia 1 0 Santa Fe (1)
Ecuador Ecuador 0 1 LDU Quito (1)
Chile Chile 0 1 Universidad de Chile (1)


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