Indusium griseum

Supracallosal gyrus

Scheme of rhinencephalon. (Gyrus supercallosus labeled at center top.)

Corpus callosum from above.
Latin Gyrus supracallosus
NeuroNames hier-154
NeuroLex ID Supracallosal gyrus
TA A14.1.09.246
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The supracallosal gyrus (indusium griseum; gyrus epicallosus) consists of a thin layer of grey matter in contact with the dorsal surface of the corpus callosum and continuous laterally with the grey matter of the cingulate gyrus.

It contains two longitudinally directed strands of fibers, termed the medial and lateral longitudinal striae (of Lancisi).

The supracallosal gyrus is prolonged around the splenium of the corpus callosum as a delicate lamina, the fasciola cinerea, which is continuous below with the fascia dentata hippocampi.


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