Subdivisions of the canton of St. Gallen

The Canton of St. Gallen until 2002 was divided into 14 districts (German: Bezirke). On 1 January 2003 they were abolished and the canton was divided into 8 constituencies (German: Wahlkreise).

There are (as of 2016) 77 municipalities in the canton.

Constituencies since 2003

Constituencies of St. Gallen

The canton abolished the district level in 2003, but it remains divided into eight constituencies (Wahlkreise) without administrative significance:

Wahlkreis Capital Former district(s)
Rheintal Altstätten Oberrheintal, Unterrheintal (except Thal)
Rorschach Rorschach Rorschach (except Eggersriet), Thal from Unterrheintal
Sarganserland Sargans Sargans
See-Gaster Rapperswil-Jona See, Gaster
St. Gallen St. Gallen St. Gallen, Gossau and municipality Eggersriet from Rorschach
Toggenburg Lichtensteig Alttoggenburg, Neutoggenburg, Obertoggenburg, Untertoggenburg (part)
Werdenberg Buchs Werdenberg
Wil Wil Wil, Untertoggenburg (except Ganterschwil and Mogelsberg)

Districts to 2002

Districts St. Gallen until 2002

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