Subdistrict is a low-level administrative division of a District.

In England and Wales, it was part of a registration district. In India, Census India calls the units below the districts, and they are usually called tehsil (taluk/ taluka / mandal). In Thailand, it may refer to the amphoe or the tambon.

By higher-level entity

Set Notes
Subdistricts of Bangladesh (Bengali: উপজেলা,pronounced: "upo-jela" lit. "sub-district")
Subdistricts of China (Chinese: 街道; pinyin: jiēdào, literally "Street")
Subdistricts of East Timor (Portuguese: subdistrito)
Subdistricts of Mandatory Palestine (qadaa in Arabic, nefa in hebre)
Subdistricts of the Ottoman Empire (kaza in Turkish)
Subdistricts of Israel (nefa in hebrew, qadaa in Arabic)
Subdistricts of India (tehsil / mandal in India)
Subdistricts of Thailand (amphoe / tambon in Thailand)

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