Stunt-Master (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil #58 (Nov 1969)
Created by Roy Thomas
Gene Colan
In-story information
Alter ego George Smith
Species Human
Abilities Skilled stuntman and motorcyclist
Use of a flying motorcycle

Stunt-Master is the name of two fictional characters in the Marvel Comics.

Publication history

The George Smith version of Stunt-Master first appears in Daredevil #58 (November 1969) and was created by Gene Colan and Roy Thomas.

Kid Stunt-Master first appeared in Daredevil Vol. 4 #11 and was created by Matt Wilson and Chris Samnee.

Fictional character biography

George Smith

George Smith was a retired overage stuntman who was offered $1000.00 by Crime-Wave to kill Daredevil.[1] Later, after redeeming himself, Stunt-Master became a hero.[2]

Later, Smith became a television actor, working with Johnny Blaze on the Stunt-Master TV show. The Enforcer and Water Wizard menaced Blaze on the set of the show.[3] The original Eel worked on his show for a time as a technical advisor.

Smith joined model Chili Storm in reporting on the Avengers Day parade that was disrupted by the Grim Reaper. When various heroes tried to breech a forcefield created by the Reaper, Stunt-Master tried to help by driving his motorcycle into it. The effort failed and Stunt-Master was saved from a damaging fall by Invisible Woman.[4]

Smith returned, having been retired for some time due to injuries and age, seemingly trying to hire Matt Murdock to help him sue a company misusing his name and likeness, and then killing himself when Matt reluctantly refuses. However, it turns out this was a ruse, and Smith orchestrated the whole situation as part of a 'big comeback', forcing Murdock to have him incarcerated.[5] He reveals upon being apprehended that he only has a year left to live. Thanks to a series of drugs, he has used to allow himself to lie without detection.[6]

Steve Brooks

A man named Steve Brooks joined the Fifty State Initiative using the Stunt-Master identity and was assigned membership in the Georgia-based team called the Cavalry. During the Secret Invasion storyline, Stunt-Master and the Cavalry battled a Skrull posing as Thor Girl after being exposed by Delroy Garrett.[7]

During the Fear Itself storyline, Stunt-Master was with the Cavalry when they and the other Initiative teams met with Steve Rogers to discuss about the hammers that Serpent dropped to Earth.[8]

Kid Stunt-Master

Kid Stunt-Master on the cover of Daredevil Vol. 4, #11 (December 2014). Art by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson.

George Smith trained a Kid Stunt-Master in San Francisco where he would gain a profit of the portions. Kid Stunt-Master used drugged doubles in order to pull off the type of showstoppers that are considered "back from the dead." The drugged people that Kid Stunt-Master used were drugged homeless people. After George Smith supposedly committed suicide, Daredevil confronted Kid Stunt-Master at the Golden Gate Bridge. Kid Stunt-Master revealed that George Smith is still alive and Daredevil had to play along in order to see George Smith. As both sides prepare themselves, Daredevil comes to the conclusion that George Smith set him up and that George Smith is in the bicycle.[5]

Upon freeing George Smith and getting him to a hospital, Daredevil chased after Kid Stunt-Master who had admitted that he was working for someone. When Kid Stunt-Master fell off his bike, Daredevil managed to subdue him and learned that he was working for George Smith.[6]

Powers and abilities

Though he possesses no superhuman abilities, Stunt-Master is a skilled stuntman and motorcyclist. He also built himself a motorcycle which could fly through the air.

Other versions


Stunt-Master is mentioned in A-Next #1 as being Los Angeles' only superhero. In A-Next #5, Thunderstrike, who comes from that city, is seen to have a Stunt-Master poster on the wall in his New York apartment.

Age of Ultron

In the Age of Ultron reality, Black Widow went to San Francisco where she spent the day with George Smith and Richard Fenster. When a squadron of Ultron Sentinels start attacking San Francisco and killing people, Richard becomes one of the victims while Black Widow and George escape. Afterwards, George Smith's Tech prosthetic arm fell under Ultron's control and he started obeying Ultron. Black Widow was forced to kill George Smith and was partially disfigured in the process.[9]


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