Storm in a Water Glass

Storm in a Water Glass
Directed by Georg Jacoby
Produced by Hermann Fellner
Josef Somlo
Written by Bruno Frank (play)
Felix Salten
Walter Schlee
Walter Wassermann
Starring Hansi Niese
Renate Müller
Paul Otto
Harald Paulsen
Music by Stefan Weiß
Cinematography Guido Seeber
Bruno Timm
Sascha Film
Felsom Film
Distributed by Felsom Film
Release dates
13 March 1931
Country Austria
Language German

Storm in a Water Glass (German:Sturm im Wasserglas) is a 1931 Austrian-German comedy film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Hansi Niese, Renate Müller and Paul Otto. The film is based on the play of the same title by Bruno Frank, later adapted into the British film Storm in a Teacup. The film is known by the alternative title The Flower Woman of Lindenau (Die Blumenfrau von Lindenau). It is notable, in part, for the small role played by Hedy Lamarr in her second film. The film's art direction was by Hans Jacoby.

It premiered in Vienna on 13 March 1931, coinciding with the opening of the Sascha-Filmpalast cinema.[1]


An ambitious town councillor feels confident he will be elected the next mayor, but a dispute over a mongrel dog owned by a local flower seller rapidly turns into a scandal which threatens his political career.



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