Stone Bracelet

Stone Bracelet
Artist Zoran Mojsilov
Year 2000
Type stone
Dimensions 370 cm × 320 cm × 370 cm (145 in × 126 in × 145 in)
Location Paliafito Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°01′19″N 87°54′52″W / 43.022028°N 87.914306°W / 43.022028; -87.914306Coordinates: 43°01′19″N 87°54′52″W / 43.022028°N 87.914306°W / 43.022028; -87.914306

Stone Bracelet is a public art work by artist Zoran Mojsilov, located on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] The work is a large chiseled stone fitted with a stainless steel loop near its top from which smaller rocks are suspended on four sides of the sculpture. The artwork is located in a small park near Third and Walker Streets in the Walker's Point neighborhood. Stone Bracelet was commissioned through the Spirit of Milwaukee Neighborhood Millennium Art Initiative.[2]


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