Steyr Motors GmbH

Steyr Motors GmbH
Limited liability company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Steyr, Austria
Key people
Michael Aschaber(CEO)
Products Diesel engines
Revenue 29 million Euro (2009)[1]
Number of employees
105 (2009)[2]
Website Official website

Steyr Motors is an Austrian manufacturer of Diesel-engines based in Steyr, Upper-Austria.


Steyr Motors has its origin in the Diesel-engine division of the earlier Steyr-Daimler-Puch group. Since 2001 it became an independent company through internal Management Buyout.

In 2008 Steyr Motors presented the worldwide first parallel hybrid propulsion system for boats, STEYR HDS. In the same year, the company achieved numerous awards for this innovation (DAME Award at METS exhibition in Amsterdam[3] and the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s IBEX Award[4]). In cooperation with the Dutch company Mastervolt, STEYR MOTORS is the leading manufacturer of hybrid propulsion systems for pleasure boats.[5]

In 2009 Steyr Motors signed a license agreement with AM General[6] present the engine during the AUSA exhibition as "OPTIMIZER 3200" for the production of its Diesel-engines.

Since 2011 Steyr Motors develops compact aircraft engines, based its monoblock engine, in cooperation with the Austrian company Austro Engine.[7]


The principal products are the STEYR M1-"Monoblock" engine family which is the result of a long development process that was started by Steyr-Daimler-Puch in the 1920s.[8] The STEYR M1 engine is a turbocharged Diesel engine with high pressure Unit Injectors with two stage injection nozzles, providing up to 2.000 bar injection pressure. It is a compact and light engine designed to be operated with Diesel, Kerosene or Maritime Diesel fuel.

Adapted versions of these engines are used in various boats and military vehicles. Automotive and military applications are for instance as AM General’s HMMWV (M16, 135 kW), Panhard’s VBL (M14, 95 kW), Hägglund's Bandvagn 206S (M16, 145 kW), UROVESA's URO VAMTAC (M16, 135 kW or M14, 85 kW), BAE Systems' RG-32M LTV (M16, 200 kW), Force Protection's Ocelot[9] (M16, 160 kW).[10]


2.1L Turbodiesel, straight engine, 4-cylinder


3.2L Turbodiesel, straight engine, 6-cylinder


STEYR Hybrid Drive System is a Diesel-electric parallel hybrid system. It allows a clean and silent propulsion within the harbour because the boat can be driven purely by its electric motor. The electric motor can also be use in a 'Boost'-mode to support the Diesel engine to achieve better accelerations.[11]


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