Stemme S6

Stemme S6
Role Touring motor glider
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Stemme AG
First flight 2006
Number built 18 by 2011[1]

The Stemme S6 is a two-seat touring motorglider manufactured by Stemme AG. Unlike the S10, the S6 has a non-retractable three-bladed propeller (that can feather like other touring motorgliders), a wider fuselage design and tricycle landing gear, available both with fixed and retractable configurations. Its engine is a Bombardier-Rotax 914, the same engine used in the Stemme S10-VT.[2] The designers placed great importance on noise and vibration reduction.

The prototype S6 made its first flight on the 29 November 2006 at Strausberg Airport, flown by Lothar Dalldorff. It received EASA approval on 22 October 2008.


100 hp, fixed landing gear.
115 hp turbocharged engine, retractable landing gear.
115 hp turbocharged engine, retractable landing gear. First flown 10 December 2002.[1]
S6ew Sky Sportster
20m wingspan with a 38 to 1 glide ratio[3]
as S6-T
as S6-RT but with roomier cockpit and greater fuel capacity.

Specifications (S6-T)

General characteristics



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