Stefan Baumann

Stefan Baumann is a painter living in Weed, California. He has been featured in People Magazine. Raised in South Lake Tahoe, California, Baumann developed a passion for painting, travel, and teaching. His parents are of Swiss and Bavarian heritage; his mother was a businesswoman and homemaker; his father was a bakery owner.

Early life

Baumann was raised in the Lake Tahoe region. While studying art and architectural history on scholarship at Stanford University, Baumann worked as a private painting teacher. After moving to San Francisco in 1980 he began Baumann Fine Art, an endeavor focused on landscape painting.

Baumann was involved in The Grand View, a public television series on PBS that promotes environmental awareness and outdoor painting.

Baumann has been featured in People Magazine. He also creates original works for Leanin' Tree Publications.

In 2008, Baumann moved from San Francisco to northern California, and continues to commute to the Bay Area weekly to teach painting.

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