Stanisław Dubois

Stanisław Dubois

Stanisław Dubois
Personal details
Born (1901-01-09)9 January 1901
Warsaw, Congress Poland
Died 21 August 1942(1942-08-21) (aged 41)
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Nazi Germany
Nationality Polish
Political party Polish Socialist Party
Occupation Politician, activist

Stanisław Józef Dubois (9 January 1901 - 21 August 1942) was a Polish journalist and political activist in the Second Polish Republic, member of the left-wing Polish Socialist Party as well as the Youth Organisation of the Workers' University Society (Organizacja Młodzieży Towarzystwa Uniwersytetu Robotniczego).[1]


He took part in the Third Silesian Uprising and in the Polish–Soviet War. Dubois was a creator of the Red Scouts (Czerwone Harcerstwo Towarzystwa Uniwersytetu Robotniczego). In years 1928-1933 he was a member of the Polish parliament Sejm, and a councillor in Warsaw from 1938. Dubois was a secretary in the editorial office of the Robotnik (the Worker) paper. As an opponent of Sanation he was charged in 1930 with the communist agitation in Lwów and sentenced in the Brest trials for 3 years in prison. He was held at the Brest Fortress and while imprisoned, run in the Polish legislative election, 1930. He was released the following month.[1]

His great-grandfather, Charles August Dubois was French.[2]

World War II

Dubois took part in the Polish resistance movement in World War II. He was arrested in 1940 in Warsaw and transported from the Pawiak prison to Auschwitz-Birkenau,[1] where he conspired with Witold Pilecki to gather intelligence (see, the Resistance movement in Auschwitz for more information). He was executed by the Nazis in 1942.[1]

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