Stabsoberfähnrich (East Germany)


Armoured corps / Volksmarine
Rank insignia NPA Fänrich rank
Utilisation 1979-1990
Rank group Fähnrichs
Army / Air Force Stabsoberfähnrich
Navy Stabsoberfähnrich
ArmyWarrant Officer 4
NavyWarrant Officer 4

Stabsoberfähnrich (short: StOFähnr / in lists: SOFR; en: Staff-senior-fähnrich) was a military rank in the Army of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from 1956 to 1990. Stabsfähnrich did belong to the autonomous Fähnrich rank group between commissioned officer (CO) and non-commissioned officer (NCO) ranks.[1]

The position of that career group might be compared to the Warrant Officer (WO) rank group in English speaking armed forces.

The bottom up approach in that rank group was as follows:

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Junior Rank

(NPA rank)
Senior Rank


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  2. The abbreviation "WO/W" stands for " Warrant Officer, also warrant-officer ranks / de: ermächtigter Vorgesetzter / ru: уорент-офицер, между сержантами и младшими офицерами" between the rank groups CO and NCO

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