St. Joseph Cathedral, Wuhu

St. Joseph Cathedral
Location Wuhu
Country  China
Denomination Roman Catholic Church

The St. Joseph Cathedral[1] (Chinese: 芜湖圣若瑟主教座堂) It is one of the largest religious buildings Catholics in Anhui province in China.

The cathedral owes its construction to the French Jesuits,[2] including Joseph Seckinger, which was established in 1883 in Wuhu.

In 1889, the church was completed despite the opposition of the Chinese nationalists who engaged from May 1888 to cease trading and organized hostile demonstrations. In addition to the cathedral, a hospital and a school they were built. These facilities were intended in particular for the care of orphans and patients without resources.[3]

In 1891, the Gelaohui, a xenophobic secret organization, led the opposition against the church. After priest was accused of kidnapping children and two nuns, a crowd set fire to the cathedral, hospital and school. The initial protest quickly became a riot, in which the British consulate was also attacked in Wuhu. The Qing government intervened to take control of the city and eliminate its leaders.[4]

The cathedral was rebuilt in 1895 thanks to financial compensation from the Chinese authorities. In 1966, during the Cultural Revolution, the cathedral was severely damaged. It was restored in 1983.

There are daily Masses (6:30 am Monday through Friday and 8:00 am on Sundays).

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