Sri Lanka at the Olympics

Sri Lanka at the
IOC code SRI
NOC National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 0 0 0
Summer appearances

Sri Lanka first participated at the Olympic Games in 1948, and has sent a delegation to every Summer Olympic Games since then, except for the 1976 Games. Sri Lanka has never participated in the Winter Olympic Games.

Sri Lankan athletes have won a total of two Olympic silver medals, both in athletics.

The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka was created in 1937 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee that same year. The nation was designated as Ceylon (country code "CEY") until 1972.

Medal tables

Medals by Games

Games Gold Silver Bronze Total
United Kingdom 1948 London 0 1 0 1
Australia 2000 Sydney 0 1 0 1
Total 0 2 0 2

Medals by sport

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Athletics 0 2 0 2
Total 0 2 0 2

List of medalists

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Silver White, DuncanDuncan White United Kingdom 1948 London Athletics Men's 400 metre hurdles
 Silver Jayasinghe, SusanthikaSusanthika Jayasinghe Australia 2000 Sydney Athletics Women's 200 metres

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