Sputnik (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Captain America #352 (Apr 1989)
Created by Mark Gruenwald
Kieron Dwyer
In-story information
Team affiliations Supreme Soviets
Winter Guard
Notable aliases Vostok
Abilities Ability to manipulate mechanical systems

Sputnik is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Publication history

Sputnik first appeared in Captain America #352-353 (April-May 1989), and was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer.

The character subsequently appears as Vostok in Avengers #319-324 (July-October 1990), Incredible Hulk #393 (May 1992), Soviet Super-Soldiers #1 (November 1992), Quasar #54 (January 1994), Iron Man #9-10 (October-November 1998), Maximum Security 33 (January 2001), and Thunderbolts #57 (December 2001).

Sputnik appeared as part of the "Supreme Soviets" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #7.

Fictional character biography

The synthezoid originally known as Sputnik was a member of the Supreme Soviets. The team had been sent by the Soviet government to capture the Soviet Super-Soldiers, who were attempting to defect to the United States. Sputnik had been disguised by an illusion to appear as the Vision. Eventually, Captain America defeated the Supreme Soviets and freed the badly wounded Soviet Super-Soldiers.

Sputnik later changed his name to Vostok when the team became known as the People's Protectorate. Eventually the team broke up and merged with the Soviet Super-Soldiers to form the Winter Guard.

He accompanies his team mates to Limbo to serve Immortus in return for reviving Darkstar.[1] When his teammates return to earth, he is not among them.[2]

A person calling himself Sputnik appears as a member of the Supreme Soviets. He is a human hacker, wearing a costume similar to Vostok's and possessing technology that mimics his powers.[3]

Powers and abilities

Sputnik has the ability to manipulate mechanical systems.


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