Spanische Windtorte

Spanische Windtorte
Alternative names Spanish Windcake
Type Cake
Course Dessert
Place of origin Austria
Main ingredients Meringue, whipped cream, fresh berries (usually strawberries), chocolate shavings or currants
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Spanische Windtorte ("Spanish wind torte") is an Austrian dessert and is one of the most complex to create and serve as it is composed mostly of meringue and whipped cream.

Often called "the fanciest cake in Vienna,"[1] it is a dessert that became popular during the Baroque period of the Austrian and the Spanish reference is due to the Austrian House of Habsburg and their fascination with Spain,[2] which was very similar to the Russian nobility's fascination with French culture.

A Spanische Windtorte consists of rings of meringue that have been baked into a cylindrical form with a bottom and a top lid. The piping of the meringue and the subsequent baking process require patience and careful attention to detail or the cake will not be symmetrical. When the shell of the torte is done it is then filled with whipped cream, fresh berries (usually strawberries), chocolate shavings and/or currants. Because whipped cream and meringue dissolve quickly the torte must be served immediately. Freezing can retain the dessert's consistency but the flavor may be compromised.[1]

It featured as the technical challenge in episode 4 of season 6 of The Great British Bake Off.[3]


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