South Korean presidential election, 1972

Republic of Korea presidential election, 1972
South Korea
23 December 1972

Nominee Park Chung-hee
Party Democratic Republican
Electoral vote 2,357 / 2,359
Percentage 99.9%

President before election

Park Chung-hee
Democratic Republican

Elected President

Park Chung-hee
Democratic Republican

The South Korean presidential election of 1972 took place on 23 December 1972, after the promulgation of the Yushin Constitution, and was won by Park Chung-hee without opposition. Under the terms of the Constitution, the President was elected not by direct vote, as had been the case formerly, but by an electoral college known as the National Council for Unification.[1] With no opposition candidates and with the National Council hand-picked by Park, Park was elected with the support of 2,357 out of the 2,359 delegates who had been elected to the Council on December 5. Two votes were registered as invalid.[2]


Ranking Cand. # Candidates Party Votes Percentage
1 1 Park Chung-hee Democratic Republican 2,357 99.91%
Invalid 2 0.09%
Electors 2,359
Total votes 2,359 100%


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