South Africa national roller hockey team

South Africa national roller hockey team
Association South Africa Roller Hockey Federation
Confederation FARS
Head coach Portugal Jorge Manuel Esteves
Current CIRH 15[1]

The South Africa national roller hockey team is the national team side of South Africa at international roller hockey. Usually is part of FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup. The team is based mostly in the Portuguese community radicated in South Africa.

South Africa squad - 2010 Rink Hockey American Championship[2][3]

# Player Hometown Club
1 Fernando Maia ACPP
Field Players
# Player Hometown Club
Leandro De Araujo ACPP
Marco Van Tonder Sporting Football Club Johannesburg
Justin Da Costa APF Vanderbijlpark
Claudio De Araujo ACPP
Sergio De Araujo ACPP
Ricardo De Sousa ACPP
Renato da Silva APF Vanderbijlpark
Nelson Mendes ACPP
Raul Teixeira ACPP
Daniel Teixeira APF Vanderbijlpark
Team Staff
Coaching Staff


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