Sonnie Hale

Sonnie Hale
Born John Robert Hale-Monro
(1902-05-01)1 May 1902
Kensington, London, England, UK
Died 9 June 1959(1959-06-09) (aged 57) (myelofibrosis)
London, England, UK
Occupation actor, director, screenwriter
Spouse(s) Mary Kelsey (1945-1957)
Jessie Matthews (1931-1944)
Evelyn Laye (1926-1930)

Sonnie Hale (1 May 1902 9 June 1959) was an English theatre and cinema actor and director.

Early life

John Robert Hale-Monro, better known by his stage name, was born in Kensington, London, the son of Robert Hale and Belle Reynolds. His father, and his sister Binnie Hale, were actors. He was educated at Beaumont College, Old Windsor.[1]


He worked chiefly in musical and revue theatre, but also acted in several films with occasional screenwriting or directing credits. He first performed on stage at the London Pavilion in 1921 in the chorus of the revue Fun of the Fayre.[1] A major personal investment in a show to tour the country planned for late 1939 proved financially ruinous due to the outbreak of war and the subsequent closure of most theatres. His slight acquaintance Evelyn Waugh advised him against such an investment. His reply was reported to be the sardonic “War is good for business, don't you know!”

Family life

He was married three times:

By his second marriage he had one son (died at birth) and one adopted daughter (born 1935); by his third marriage he had one son (born 1946) and a daughter. He also had a daughter (born 1956) from a subsequent relationship.

He died on 9 June 1959 in London from myelofibrosis, aged 57.

Selected theatre performances





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