Somalis in Sweden

Somalis in Sweden
Total population


0.63% of the Swedish population (2015)[1])
Regions with significant populations
Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö
Somali  · Swedish  · Arabic
Sunni Islam

Somalis in Sweden are citizens and residents of Sweden who are of Somali ancestry.

There are approximately 40,165 Somali-born immigrants living in Sweden, as well as 17,587 people born in the country with at least one parent born in Somalia.[1][2] Of those, about 3,000 Somalis are residents of Borlänge.[3]

In 2013, a Somalia national bandy team was also formed in Borlänge, which participated in the 2014 Bandy World Championship. It is part of the Federation of International Bandy.[3]

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