Solomon O'Sullivan

Solomon O'Sullivan
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Force vol. 1 #129
Created by Peter Milligan, Mike Allred
In-story information
Alter ego Solomon O'Sullivan
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations O-Force
Abilities Printed words on durable, removable skin

Solomon O'Sullivan is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Force vol. 1 #129.

Fictional character biography

After the death of U-Go Girl, Edie, in space, Solomon O'Sullivan arrives to rescue her parents and daughter from the hordes of reporters camped at their front doorstep. At first, her mother does not wish to profit from Edie's death, but Solomon convinces her that someone will, so it should be her.

Solomon meets with X-Force at their recruitment drive. He talks business with the senior members. To convince Anarchist he knows how it feels to be a mutant, he reveals his own powers. He uses them to give Anarchist a biological business card.

Venus Dee Milo, one of his clients, joins X-Force/X-Statix. Solomon reveals he has an attraction towards her. He sends fellow lawyer Sharon Ginsberg to give X-Statix a cease-and-desist order that Venus Dee Milo could not join X-Statix because she was under contract. Solomon then becomes a large part of O-Force, a similar squad of superpowered mutants. He organizes a fake rescue of several actors who needed the spotlight. All were paid, including the gunmen, who did not know that O-Force would kill them.


He then sends O-Force against the young reality-altering mutant Arnie Lundberg. He uses an old police contact to get the drop on the mission. With the information he has and 'wheels greased', he feels he can get his team to take care of the problem, instead of X-Force who would normally do so. What Solomon doesn't realize he is being manipulated by the owner of X-Statix, Spike Freeman. Spike has his own reasons for sending O-Force on ahead, one being that he doesn't want his team known for beating on children. O-Force enters the town, only to be beaten and nearly killed by an army of the undead. His team was saved by X-Statix. Arnie himself even repairs some of the injuries the team receives, such as Ocean's destroyed legs.

After this, Solomon is forced into allying himself with Sharon Ginsberg who was revealed to be a mutant as well.

Sharon's problems

Solomon O'Sullivan watched with Sharon Ginsberg as the X-Statix team bashes the Orphan, who is suspected of going insane. Later at Sharon's home, Solomon worries over the words being printed on his body. He proceeded to get drunk and noticed that while he is drunk the words seem to spell out "Bad Guy is not Guy Smith." Later, after a battle with Bad Guy, Solomon brought a bleeding Sharon Ginsberg to X-Statix Headquarters, where he hoped they could save her.

In a hospital, Solomon spoke to Sharon about her wings and how Professor Xavier saved her life. He adds that she needed to stay in the hospital until she could work through her pain, lest her powers manifest themselves in other ways. Sharon blames X-Statix for all of her problems and grew claws, breaking through her restraints. She then plunges her claws into Solomon's chest, killing him.

Powers and abilities

Solomon O'Sullivan could generate printed words on his body that he could peel off.


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