Social Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba

Social Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba
Corriente Socialdemócrata Cubana
Ideology Social democracy

The Social Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba (Coordinadora Social Demócrata de Cuba) is an illegal political party in Cuba, with a Social Democratic ideology. Their view is that the social democracy is an open project, necessarily incomplete, that is to go slowly in defining the context of a broad dialogue with society as a whole and very specific circumstances: "We suffer from a healthy skepticism. We do not believe or enlightened vanguards or invisible hands, let alone surround projects imposed from above. We imperfect human construction, but we are not willing to compromise with injustice and arbitrariness. We know that what does not occur can not be distributed, but we are not unaware that without full participation there is no guarantee of equity in the distribution. We believe that the social ideal is still relevant because they have not gone the causes of inequality".

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