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The Soapy Awards were an award presented by Soap Opera Digest magazine to the best work on American soap operas from 1977 until 1983. Unlike their successors, the Soap Opera Digest Awards, this accolade lacked a great deal of glamour. The statue itself was a tall geometric crystal were presented during a television show after winners were announced in the magazine. The original award was designed by the magazine's art director Janis Rogak.

The magazine's Editor Ruth J. Gordon, who was founding editor made the very first presentation on Merv Griffin Show.

The first awards were presented during the Merv Griffin show to Best Actor Bill Hayes and Best Actress Susan Seaforth Hayes from Days of Our Lives (which also won for 'Favorite Show'). This first award also included a special award for 'Outstanding Achievement in the World of Daytime Drama' to All My Children and One Life to Live's creator Agnes Nixon.

The 1978 award were presented live during America Live from both New York and Hollywood. The 1979 show was presented on the Thursday Dec. 27, 1979 episode of the Dinah Shore show.

In 1980, during the height of Luke and Laura, their portrayers Anthony Geary and Genie Francis won for Best Actor and Best Actress. An award for 'Favorite Performer in a Mature Role' went to All My Children's Ruth Warrick.

The 1981 show incorporated many of the categories which would become a hallmark of the Soap Opera Digest Awards, such as:

In 1984 the awards were replaced by the Soap Opera Digest Awards.


Best Soap Opera

Best Actor

Best Actress

Exciting New Actor

Exciting New Actress

Best Villain

Best Villainess

Best Hero

Best Mature Actor

Best Mature Actress

Best Juvenile Male

Best Juvenile Actress

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