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Smoked egg
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Smoked egg is a food that involves the smoking of eggs and fish eggs.[1][2] Smoked eggs can be prepared with hard boiled eggs that are then smoked,[3][4] or by smoking uncooked eggs in their shells.[5] Additionally, smoked egg has been defined as a type of hors d'oeuvre of hard boiled eggs that are shelled, marinated and then smoked.[6]

Smoked caviar

Some caviars that are sometimes smoked include cod roe, which is common in Norway, mullet roe and sturgeon roe.[2][7] Another product is smoked-egg liquor, which can be derived from raw frozen salmon roe.[8]


A close-up view of smoked quail eggs

Smoked eggs can be made into smoked egg pâté.[9][10] Additional dishes and foods prepared from smoked eggs are egg salad, vinaigrette dressing and dips[11][12][13][14]One version of niçoise salad uses a smoked egg foam as an ingredient.[15] Purées prepared with smoked egg have been used to enhance the flavor of various dishes.[16][17]

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