Slovene Australians

Slovenian Australians
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Slovenian Australians are Australian citizens who are fully or partially of Slovene descent or Slovenia-born people who reside in Australia.

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Central European people called Slovenians began migrating to Australia in the mid-nineteenth century . Until the 1900s, there was only a small number of Slovenian immigrants to Australia. The largest number of Slovenians migrated to Australia after World Wars One and Two . The exact number who came after WW1 is impossible to determine because Slovenians were often classified as Austrians.

After WW2, many Slovenian refugees migrated to Australia to escape death and persecution at the hands of Dictator Tito's totalitarian Communist regime.



In the 2001 Australian Census, 14,189 Australians declared that they were of Slovenian origin. In the 2006 Australian Census, 16,093 Australians declared that they were of Slovenian origin.[1] Because many Slovenians came from the Austro-Hungarian Empire they identified themselves as Austrians.

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