Skyline High School (Oakland, California)

Coordinates: 37°47′55.89″N 122°9′41.67″W / 37.7988583°N 122.1615750°W / 37.7988583; -122.1615750

Veritas (Truth)
12250 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland, California
United States
Type Public high school
Established 1959
School district Oakland Unified School District
Oversight Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Principal Vinnie Blye[1]
Faculty 143
Teaching staff 91
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,137
Campus Urban
45 acres (0.18km2)
Color(s)      Red
Athletics Oakland Athletic League
Mascot Titan
Accreditation Western Association of Schools and Colleges
National ranking 25
Newspaper The Skyline Oracle
Yearbook The Olympian

Skyline High School (also known as The Line or SHS) is a public high school in Oakland, California, United States. It is part of the Oakland Unified School District.

Skyline High School entrance, 2009

Administration and academics

Selmer Berg auditorium, home to the Farnsworth Theater at Skyline High School
Inside the Farnsworth Theater

For the 2014-2015 school year, the principal was Vinh Trinh and the assistant principals were Marisol Arkin, Anya Gurholdt, Elin Peinado and Christina Macalino.[2][3]

In July 2015, it was announced that Trinh was resigning.[4] The interim principal as of August 2015 is Claude Jenkins.[5] For the 2015-2016 school year, the assistant principals are Vinnie Blye, Emiliano Figueroa, Gary Middleton and Nikki Seaberg.[5]

Under Trinh, a program was designed through which Skyline students can earn a Berkeley City College degree and a high school diploma simultaneously.[4][6]

Skyline High School students may choose either to pursue in general studies or enroll in one of four academies. Academies are "schools within a school" centered on career fields. Ninth grade students apply to the academy of their choice in the spring semester. Students study with the same team of teachers and group of students from 10th to 12th grades in their English/Social Studies and academy lab courses. Some courses include math and/or science, depending on the academy of choice. Students can take advantage of internships and paid summer jobs in their fields.[7]


The view from behind Skyline High School

Skyline High School is located on a 45-acre (180,000 m2) campus at the crest of the Oakland hills. The campus is near the Redwood Regional Park and has a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Area. The campus is located in an affluent residential neighborhood away from commercial venues.

The campus

The Senior Quad
Skyline High pergola overlooking the Senior Quad

The school has dedicated various parts of the campus to different class levels:

The Atlas Freshman House

The Junior Quarter overlooking the food court
The Junior Quarter up-close

In 2009, Skyline launched Atlas, a program for freshmen. In the Atlas system, each ninth grader is placed in a team named after a mythological figure represented by Skyline's mascot, the Titan. Atlas is the Titan who carries the heavens on his shoulders, so giving his name to the freshman house symbolizes a commitment to building a strong foundation for a new Skyline. Each ninth grader shares the same four teachers for Math, Social Studies, English, and Science. This provides teachers with a greater opportunity to intercommunicate about the students' social and academic development. Freshmen can take an "Advisory" period during which they receive lessons in academic and career planning, study skills, interpersonal development and citizenship. With each teacher serving as an advisor for 25 students, the Atlas system allows for greater connection between teachers, students, and families. As one teacher stated, "No one falls through the cracks."[8]

The Sophomore Square
The Sophomore Square


Skyline High School students at the quad

Skyline High School first graduating class was in 1962. At that time, the student body was predominantly white. The school's demographics have changed over the years. In 2012–2013 Skyline had over 2,000 students with an approximate demographic distribution of:[9]


The Freshman Bungalow
Skyline High School covered walkway
Skyline High track and field
Skyline High football field on a rainy day

Skyline High School has committed to "minimize its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship." The Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee has developed a set of ambitious goals for the school to reduce its carbon emissions and eventually achieve carbon neutrality. The "Skyline High is Going Green" website collects information about Skyline's progress toward greenhouse gas emissions reductions and related campus initiatives like courses, research, projects and student groups.[10]

Notable alumni


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