Sinsa-dong, Gangnam

Korean transcription(s)
  Hangul 신사동
  Hanja 新沙洞
  Revised Romanization Sinsa-dong
  McCune–Reischauer Sinsa-tong
Country South Korea
  Total 1.90 km2 (0.73 sq mi)
Population (2001)[1]
  Total 23,368
  Density 12,299/km2 (31,850/sq mi)

Sinsa-dong is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. This district contains many department stores, hairshops, churches, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.[1][2]


The area is served by Sinsa Station on the Seoul Subway Line 3, and Seoul buses.[3]


In Shinsa-dong, there are three schools: Singu Primary school (From Grade 1 to Grade 6), Sinsa Junior High school (From Grade 7 to Grade 9) and Hyundai Senior High school (Grade 10 to Grade 12). Sinsa Junior High school and Hyundai Senior High school are located just next to each other.

Visitor attractions

Shingsa-dong Garosugil or Shinsa-dong street tree road is a famous place in Sinsa-dong. There are abundant ginkgo trees on each side of the road. People call this road as “the road of artists” since it has a congenial atmosphere that is made of charming cafes and restaurants. In addition, many Korean celebrities visit this place as they can easily find unique or exotic clothing.

Hangang Park, between Hannam Bridge and Banpo Bridge, has sports facilities such as basketball court, tennis court and swimming pool. In addition, people can find a luxurious ferry boat restaurant in Hangang park.

The Andre Kim Design Atelier is located in Sinsa-dong, helmed by his adopted son Kim Jung-do.[4]

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