Korean transcription(s)
  Revised Romanization Sillim-dong
  McCune–Reischauer Sillim-tong
Country South Korea
  Total 18.13 km2 (7.00 sq mi)
Population (2001)[1]
  Total 289,823
  Density 15,985.82/km2 (41,403.1/sq mi)

Sillim or Sillim-dong is a statutory division of Gwanak District, Seoul, South Korea. Seoul National University and Nokdu Street is located in the town.[1] Its name means "new forest", which was derived from the woods outstretched from Mt. Gwanak.[2] It consists 11 administrative neighbourhoods.

In a survey conducted in 2011 by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs on 92 Administrative divisions across the country, it reported that the bus stops in Sillim-dong is among the busiest in the country.[3]

Administrative divisions

As of September, 2008, there are 11 administrative neighborhoods (dong) in Sillim.

Name Hangul Hanja
Seowon 서원 書院
Sinwon 신원 新源
Seorim 서림 西林
Nangok 난곡 蘭谷
Sinsa 신사 新士
Sillim 신림 新林
Samseong 삼성 三聖
Nanhyang 난향 蘭香
Jowon 조원 棗園
Daehak 대학 大學
Miseong 미성 美星



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