Siege of Nicaea (1113)

Siege of Nicaea
Part of the Byzantine-Seljuk wars
LocationNicaea, Asia Minor
Result Byzantine victory[1]
Byzantine Empire Sultanate of Rum
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Nicaea of 1113 occurred in the course of the Byzantine-Seljuk wars.

Following the success of the First Crusade and the failure of the Crusade of 1101, the Turks resumed their offensive operations against the Byzantines. Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, suffering from old age was unable to deal with the swift Turkish raids into what was left of Byzantine Anatolia. However, the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum was finally brought to battle when it unsuccessfully laid siege to Nicaea.



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Coordinates: 40°35′00″N 30°08′00″E / 40.5833°N 30.1333°E / 40.5833; 30.1333

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