Sid Check

Sidney Check, aka Sid Check, is an American comic book artist best known for his stories in EC Comics.

Check was often compared to Wally Wood because of a stylistic resemblance. His work appeared in EC's New Trend titles: Crime SuspenStories, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror and Weird Science. He drew for Marvel, including Weird Wonder Tales, Battle Action, Journey into Unknown Worlds. For Magazine Enterprises he contributed to White Indian. He also drew for Classics Illustrated and for Harvey Comics' Tomb of Terror.[1]

Apocolytes's World of Comics commented:

Little is known about artist Sid Check, aside from the fact that he was a contemporary of fellow artists Wallace Wood, Joe Orlando and Harry Harrison, among others, in the 50s. When Wood and Orlando began their early art collaborations, Sid Check as well as Harrison were also fellow members of the same art studio. It isn't surprising that all four of them would soon be working for the same publisher, EC Comics, doing work with remarkably similar styles. To the untrained eye, Check's work can often be mistaken for Wood's. Check's art is generally engaging and attractive, if not entirely as well constructed as Wood's art was. Less prolific than Wood certainly, Check's work in comic books was short-lived, from December 1951 through 1958 mostly, with a smattering of work done sporadically in the early 70s (for DC Comics' War titles)... He remains a veritable mystery to even the most hardcore comic fans to this very day, as precious little has ever been documented concerning him.[2]

He illustrated for Amazing Stories during the mid-1970s.

His name is sometimes mistakenly given as "Sydney" though he signed "Sidney" on some art.



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