Shuochang (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: shuōchàng; literally "speak and sing") is a form of traditional Chinese storytelling (or, more properly, "story-singing"), with many regional subgenres; it is also often referred to as "narrative." Shuochang performances usually intermix speaking and singing, and are accompanied by percussion instruments and sometimes also plucked or bowed string instruments.

Shuochang is most often performed by a solo male or female singer, although it may also be performed by two singers. The singers may provide their own accompaniment with hand-held percussion such as clappers (called ban; 板) or a small drum, or there may also be a small ensemble of one or two musicians.

The term shuochang has, since the late 20th century, also come to be used in China to refer to rap music.


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