Shiv Mandir, Umerkot

Shiv Mandir, Umerkot

Umerkot Fort In Umerkot
Shiv Mandir, Umerkot
Location within Sindh
Coordinates 25°21′41″N 69°44′37″E / 25.3614°N 69.7436°E / 25.3614; 69.7436Coordinates: 25°21′41″N 69°44′37″E / 25.3614°N 69.7436°E / 25.3614; 69.7436
District Umerkot Division
Primary deity Shiva
Important festivals Shiv Ratri
Architectural styles Hindu temple
Number of temples 1
History and governance
Governing body Pakistan Hindu Council

Shiv Mandir is a Hindu temple situated in Umerkot, Near Rana Jahangeer Goth, in Sindh, Pakistan.[1] In a way there also comes Hazrat Nimano Shah Dargah.


This temple is divine and sacred among the Hindus residing in lower Sindh. It also provides shelter to many of the pilgrim in their miseries.


The temple has magnificent Shiv Lingam, which is indeed one of the best in the whole world. Legend says that the Lingam kept growing itself until locals marked the height to literally observe the growth.


Besides every year on Maha Shivaratri there is a huge three-day festival with several hundred thousand pilgrims from surrounding cities.On Maha Shivratri, Shiv Mela Also take place it comprises different entertaining deeds and it also has several programs for the awareness of people about the Maha Shivratri And the history of the Shiv Mandir. On Maha Shivratri many Pilgrim from lower and upper Sindh come there and most of them stay the three days long till the festival ends. It is also a place for tourists even it is one of the oldest Hindu's worship places.


It has been said that almost thousands of years ago a man used to nourish cows there, there was wide grown grass so that man used to came there and nourish the cows but one day he noticed that a cow used to go somewhere else and gives her milk to that Lingam which was not so much out of the land that time. The man keep observing many days that what is there and why she is giving her milk to that Lingam. Then people came there and checked then they considered that as a Shiv Lingam and built the Shiv Mandir.( Not confirmed whether it is real or fake but rumors are this ).

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