Shih Hsin University

Shih Hsin University
Chinese: 世新大學

Shih Hsin University

Shih Hsin University
Motto 德智兼修、手腦並用[1]
Motto in English
Master virtue and wisdom; practice hands and mind[2]
Type private
Established 1956
Chairman 成嘉玲 (Jialing Cheng)[1]
President Joe Y. C. Wu[3]
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Affiliations U9 League
Shih Hsin University
Traditional Chinese 世新大學

Shih Hsin University (SHU; Chinese: 世新大學) founded in Beiping in 1932,[4] is a private university in Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Shih Hsin University's College of Journalism and Communications is the oldest and most prestigious in ROC.[5] Shih Hsin University is a member of U9 League.


Shih Hsin University was re-established in Taiwan in 1956 as Shih Hsin School of Journalism by the journalists and publishers Cheng Shewo and Yeh Ming-hsun.[6] Originally an institution devoted to training professional journalists, the school became a full-fledged university in August 1997. Now with four colleges, including the College of Journalism and Communication, the School of Management, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Law, and with an enrollment of around 10,000 students.

In Chinese, Shih means "the World", and Hsin means "New" or "News".

Schools and programs

Within four colleges, Shih Hsin University currently has 19 departments and 3 graduate institutes, 19 offer bachelor's degrees, 17 offer master's degrees, and 3 offer PhD degrees.

College of Journalism and Communication
College of Management
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Law

Notable alumni

University chorus

The Shih Hsin University Chorus was established on March 22, 1965. It offers scholastic performances, a Winter Music Camp, external performances in spring vacation, and annual performances in June.[7][8]


The University is located at Muzha, southern part of metropolitan Taipei City, ten-minute walking time from the nearby Jingmei Station of the Taipei Metro.

ADD: #1 Lane17 Sec.1, Mu-Cha Rd. Taipei, 106 Taiwan, R.O.C.

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