Sherpa language

Native to Nepal, China, Sikkim
Ethnicity Sherpa
Native speakers
170,000 (2001 & 2011 census)[1]
Official status
Official language in

North east Nepal

Language codes
ISO 639-3 xsr
Glottolog sher1255[2]

Sherpa (ཤར་པ།, EWTS: sher-pA, Nepali: शेर्पा भाषा; also Sharpa, Sharpa Bhotia, Xiaerba, Serwa; ISO 639-3: xsr) is a language spoken in Nepal and Sikkim mainly by the Sherpa community. About 200,000 speakers live in Nepal (2001 census), some 20,000 in Sikkim (1997), and some 800 in China (1994).

Days of the week in Sherpa
English Sherpa
SundayNgi`ma (Ng' is the phoneme / ŋ /.)

The above days of the week are derived from the Tibetan language ("Pur-gae").

Sherpa is a SOV language, written using either the Devanagari or Tibetan scripts.

Some grammatical aspects of Sherpa are as follows:

Other typological features: 1. Split Ergativity based on Aspect 2. SO & OV (SOV) 3. N-A 4. N-Num 5. V-Aux 6. N-Post


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