Shenyang China International Horticultural Exposition 2006

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Shenyang China International Horticultural Exposition 2006 (2006中国沈阳世界园艺博览会) was a horticultural exhibition recognised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (as AIPH class A2/B1) in Shenyang, China[1]

The exposition was originally approved in September 2004.[2]

The exposition was held at the Qipanshan Mountain International Scenery and Tourism Development Zone, a recreation resort east of Shenyang, and extended from May 1 to October 31, 2006.[3] It took up some 246 hectares, larger than any previous international horticultural exposition.[3] Organizers said the exposition was "the only international horticultural garden in the forest."[4] The exposition comprised four major structures, three landscape zones, and 100 smaller gardens.[4] The structures included the 72-metre sculpture "Wing of Phoenix", a Rose Garden greenhouse of 3,300 roses, the 125-metre "Tower of Lily", and the main exhibition hall with 12,000 square metres of space.[4]

The exposition had some 3.5 million attendees.[5] Security was provided by the Armed Police Liaoning Contingent.[5]


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