She County, Anhui

Xu Guo Gate at the Huicheng town, She County

She County (simplified Chinese: 歙县; traditional Chinese: 歙縣; pinyin: Shè Xiàn), or Shexian, is a county in Anhui Province, China under the jurisdiction of Huangshan City. It has a population of 500,000 and an area of 2,236 square kilometres (863 sq mi).

She County is noted for its rich history and culture heritage. Its county seat is sometimes described as one of China's "four renowned ancient towns", along with Langzhong (Sichuan Province), Lijiang (Yunnan), and Pingyao (Shanxi).[1]

She County has jurisdiction over 13 towns and 15 townships. The county seat of government is in Huicheng Town.


She County is a mountainous region with the Huangshan Tianmushan mountain ranges running through it. The Anhui–Jiangxi Railway traverses the county which is also a tea producing area.


She County was established during the Qin Dynasty (221208 BCE).

During the Song Dynasty, She County leader Fang La rebelled and was suppressed by the Song government.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, She County was the capital of Huizhou Prefecture.


She County has a number of cultural and natural sites that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Notable examples are listed as follow:

Notable people

Ming dynasty
Modern era


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