Ying River

The Sha Ying River at Zhoukou

The Ying River (simplified Chinese: 颖河; traditional Chinese: 潁河; pinyin: Yĭng Hé) is the largest tributary of the Huai River with its origin in Henan Province, People’s Republic of China. From Zhoukou City in Henan the river flows through Fuyang City in Anhui Province then empties into the Huai River at Zhengyang.[1]

The Ying River’s major tributary is the Sha River (沙河) so it is often referred to by this name or as the Shaying River (沙颍河).[1]

Seriously polluted along its entire length, in 2007 the Ying River’s water quality was rated as below Grade 5 by the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency.[2]


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