Shades of Truth

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Shades of Truth

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Also known as 'Water Margin's Infernal Affairs'
Genre Crime thriller
Written by Chan Ching-yee
Ng Siu-tung
and others
Directed by Ng Siu-wing
Liu Jun-shek
and others
Starring Julian Cheung
Wong He
Gigi Lai
Tavia Yeung
Yuen Wah
Opening theme "No Half Space" performed by Wong He
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Siu Hin-fai
Location(s) Hong Kong
Editor(s) Chan Ching-yee
Ng Siu-tung
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 42 minutes (each)
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 27 December 2004 – 29 January 2005
Shades of Truth
Traditional Chinese 水滸無間道
Simplified Chinese 水浒无间道

Shades of Truth (Traditional Chinese: 水滸無間道; literally Water Margin's Unceasing Path) is a 25-episode television comedy-drama from Hong Kong. Produced by Siu Hin-fai, the drama is a TVB production. The story is a parody on the legendary story of Wu Song from the Chinese classical novel Water Margin (水滸傳) and also the 2002 Hong Kong crime-thriller film Infernal Affairs (無間道).


Brothers of Mount Liang,
Together through birth and death.
Reunited after generations,
In a bid to bring justice.[1]

900 years ago, Wu Song and Lin Chong were best friends, just like their characters from Water Margin. They were as close as brothers and swore to uphold justice together even in their next lives.

900 years later after they reincarnate to Hong Kong, they meet again as the young patrol officer Dung Chung Cho (Julian Cheung) and top police official TC Lam (Wong He). Under the orders of police official KY Wong (Gordon Liu), Dung Chung Cho is sent to the triad controlled by Sung Po (Yuen Wah) as an undercover. In only several months time, Dung Chung Cho successfully gains Sung Po's trust and also wins the heart of Nichole (Gigi Lai), Sung Po's biological daughter.

After a slight injury on the head, Dung Chung Cho gains his past memories as Wu Song 900 years ago and tries to convince TC that he is his long lost brother Lin Chong. Meanwhile, one of Sung Po's men, Kwan Lo (Derek Kwok) begins to suspect Dung Chung Cho as an undercover for the police and is also plotting to overthrow Sung Po's position in the gang. How come the police can never gather enough information to capture the triads for holding illegal businesses and charge them for attempting to murder so many people? It is then when Dung Chung Cho begins to realize that there is also an undercover in the police force working for the triads.


Police force

Wong He Lam Tze-Chung (TC)
A Team leader
Previous life: Lin Chong
Julian Cheung Ha Chung-Yam (Dung Chung Cho)
夏松蔭 (冬蟲草)
KY's undercover
Previous life: Wu Song
Gordon Liu Wong Kam-Yan (KY)
B Team leader
Lam Wing-Han Cheung Tit-Nam
A Team CID
Irene Wong Lam Shuet-Si (Little Simui)
A Team CID
Hawick Lau Fai Man-Ban (Ben)
A Team CID
Wai Kar Hung Chow Kwok-Yin
Yik Kwan's undercover
B Team CID
Lee Sam Yan Ma Chi-Ming
B Team CID
Angelina Lo Tsui Wai-Sam (Madam Tsui)
徐慧心 (Madam 徐)
High police official


Yuen Wah Sung Po
Triad leader
Nichole's father
Previous life: Song Jiang
Halina Tam Lek Jeh (Janet)
Sung Po's woman
Derek Kwok Yik Kwan (Kwan Lo)
易軍 (軍佬)
Sammy Lau Yik Jun (Matt)
Yik Kwan's younger brother
Ken Lok Leung Shu-Gan (Sah Daam)
黎樹根 (沙胆)
Chiu Wing-Hung Milky
Lee Hoi-Sang Uncle Kwan
Wah Ji-Nam Leung Ying-Kei
Kuk Fung Uncle Fan
Kenny Wong Kap-Chai
Thai gang leader

Chinese Medical Center (Hong family)

Lo Meng Hong Fuk-Tai
Chinese medical doctor
Siu Sin's father
Mary Hon Tang Yuk-Chu
Hong Fuk-Tais' ex-wife
Siu Sin's mother
Happy's mother
Lam Pui Kwan Hong Yun-Fan
Hong Fuk-Tai's younger sister
Tavia Yeung Hong Chi-Sin (Siu Sin)
康至善 (小善)
Chinese medical doctor
Previous life: Xiao Xian
Matt Yeung Leung Kar-Lok (Happy)
Hong Chi-Sin's younger half-brother

Leung San Pak Bar (Man family)

Law Koon Lan Man Lai-Bing
Bus driver
Gigi Lai Man Fung-Lin (Nichole)
Sung Po and Man Lai-Bing's daughter
Leung Saan Pak Bar's owner
Radio DJ
Previous life: Pan Jinlian
Summer Joe Ada Leung Saan Pak employee
Ng Wai-Shan Sue Leung Saan Pak employee
Leung Fai-Chung Calvin Leung Saan Pak employee


Wong Wai-Tak Simon
Heidi Chu Simon's wife
Leung Kin-Ping Hing Wing's boyfriend
Previous life: Ximen Qing
Griselda Yeung Wing Nichole's friend


Theme song: 沒有半分空間 by Wong Hei
Sub-Theme song: In Another Time by Jodie Simmons


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