Sha'ar Binyamin Industrial Zone

Sha'ar Binyamin
אזור תעשייה שער בנימין
Sha'ar Binyamin
Coordinates: 31°52′03.00″N 35°15′45.00″E / 31.8675000°N 35.2625000°E / 31.8675000; 35.2625000Coordinates: 31°52′03.00″N 35°15′45.00″E / 31.8675000°N 35.2625000°E / 31.8675000; 35.2625000
District Judea and Samaria Area
Council Mateh Binyamin
Region West Bank
Founded 1998
Founded by Mateh Binyamin
"Industrial Zones Authority"
Area 606 dunams (60.6 ha or 150 acres)
Name meaning Gate of Benjamin

Sha'ar Binyamin (Hebrew: שער בנימין) is a light industrial park established in 1998 as a trade and services area in the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, Israeli-occupied West Bank. It is located 2 m north of Geva Binyamin on Route 60 and about 5 minutes drive from Pisgat Ze'ev in Jerusalem. The park covers an area of 606 dunams (150 acres).

It was established by the Regional Council's "Industrial Zones Authority," which promotes development in its area. The Israeli Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry also invested about 20 million Israeli new shekel in developing the region. The park was granted "National Priority Area A" status in 2002 for a 13-year period[1] enabling tax benefits to create jobs for residents of the Jewish and Arab communities in the region. Public transportation is provided by buses along Route 60.

Like other industrial parks in the West Bank, many Israelis and Palestinians coexist and work side by side in factories and stores at Sha'ar Binyamin.[2]

One of the big draws is a Rami Levy supermarket.[3][4] There are also bakeries (including a bakery which is experimenting in baking showbread as was used in the Temple in Jerusalem),[5] furniture stores, clothing stores, hardware and housewares stores, auto leasing, auto repair shops, a computer store, a winery, an optician, and a dental clinic.[6] Offices of The Jewish Agency's Settlement Division, an events hall and a section designated for high-tech businesses can also be found in the park.

The industrial park is located above the drainage basin of the Nahal Prat Nature Reserve and is therefore subject to rigorous standards on soil and water pollution. A water purification facility processes the park's waste water and the establishment of polluting heavy industry is prohibited.


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