Sevkaretsi Sako

Sevkaretsi Sako
Native name Սևքարեցի Սաքո
Born (1870-01-14)14 January 1870
Sevkar, Russian Empire
Died 13 November 1908(1908-11-13) (aged 38)
Allegiance Dashnaktsutyun
Years of service ?—1908
Battles/wars Armenian National Liberation Movement
Khanasor Expedition (1897)
Persian Constitutional Revolution (1906)

Sevkaretsi Sako (Armenian: Սևքարեցի Սաքո; January 14, 1870 – November 13, 1908) was an Armenian revolutionary and member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.[1][2][3]


The bust of Sevkaretsi Sako in Yerevan

Sevkaretsi Sako was born as Sarkis Tsovanyan in the Sevkar village of the Russian Empire, currently located at the northeastern part of Armenia.[2] He establish relations with such prominent Armenian revolutionaries as Sarkis Gugunian, Kristapor Mikaelian, and Rosdom.[4]

In 1892 Sevkaretsi Sako resided in the monastery of Derik, near the Iranian-Turkish border in order to facilitate the transfer of Armenian volunteer soldiers, equipment, and weapons into Western Armenia.[1][4]

In 1897 he took part in the Khanasor Expedition as commander of the cavalry group where an offensive from Armenian revolutionary fighters against the Kurdish Mazrik tribe resulted in a victory.[1][4] After the campaign was finished, Sevkaretsi Sako settled in Echmiatsin but soon returned to Western Armenia where he was arrested by Turkish police in Van, and was given a 101-year prison sentence.[1][4] In 1901 he was however given opportunity to be prosecuted through a Russian court which allowed him to be released.[1][4]

During the Armenian-Tatar clashes in 1905, Sevkaretsi Sako organized the self-defense of Gazakh-Shamshadin.[1][4] After the clashes, he eventually took part in the Persian Constitutional Revolution as a commander of cavalry.[4]

In 1908 he died of cholera at the age of 38.[4]


A street is named after Sevkaretsi Sako in Armenia.[5]

In the village of his birthplace Sevkar, a bust of Sevkaretsi Sako has been inaugurated in his honor.[6]

A 194-page book was written by V. Valatian in 1959 which describes in detail about Sevkaretsi Sako's life and achievements.[3]

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