Senate of Paraguay

Chamber of Senators
Cámara de Senadores
Seats 45
Political groups

     ANR (19)
     PLRA (13)
     FG (5)
     PDP (3)
     AP (2)
     UNACE (2)

     PEN (1)
Proportional representation
Last election
21 April 2013
Chamber of Senators
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The Chamber of Senators of Paraguay (Cámara de Senadores), the upper house of the National Congress, has 45 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation.

Latest elections

 Summary of the 21 April 2013 Paraguayan senatorial election results
Party Votes % Seats +/–
Colorado Party865,20638.5019+4
Authentic Radical Liberal Party588,05426.1713–1
Guasú Front238,31310.605+4
Democratic Progressive Party144,6916.443+2
Avanza País117,0565.212+2
National Union of Ethical Citizens90,6404.032–7
National Encounter Party78,4603.491+1
Beloved Fatherland Party45,1682.010–4
Youth Party – Young Force28,1291.250New
Social Democrat Party7,7680.350New
Independent Constitutionalist Movement7,5090.330New
30 August Movement7,4600.330New
Kuña Pyrenda5,4160.240New
People in Action Movement3,6730.160New
United Democratic Movement for Victory3,6620.160New
Paraguayan Humanist Party3,4840.1600
Free Homeland Party2,3220.100New
Participative Independent Democratic Movement2,0070.090New
White Party1,9610.0900
Institutional Independent Movement1,9170.090New
Green Party1,5410.070New
Invalid/blank votes159,889
Registered voters/turnout3,516,27568.46%
Source: Supreme Electoral Justice Tribunal of Paraguay

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