Semigroup Forum

Semigroup Forum  
Discipline Mathematics
Language English, French, German, Russian[1]
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ISSN 0037-1912 (print)
1432-2137 (web)

Semigroup Forum (print ISSN 0037-1912, electronic ISSN 1432-2137) is a mathematics research journal published by Springer. The journal serves as a platform for the speedy and efficient transmission of information on current research in semigroup theory. Coverage in the journal includes: algebraic semigroups, topological semigroups, partially ordered semigroups, semigroups of measures and harmonic analysis on semigroups, transformation semigroups, and applications of semigroup theory to other disciplines such as ring theory, category theory, automata, and logic. Semigroups of operators were initially considered off-topic, but began being included in the journal in 1985.[1]

Semigroup Forum features survey and research articles. It also contains research announcements, which describe new results, mostly without proofs, of full length papers appearing elsewhere as well as short notes, which detail such information as new proofs, significant generalizations of known facts, comments on unsolved problems, and historical remarks. In addition, the journal contains research problems; announcements of conferences, seminars, and symposia on semigroup theory; abstracts and bibliographical items; as well as listings of books, papers, and lecture notes of interest.

The journal published its first issue in 1970.[1] It is indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, SCOPUS, and Zentralblatt Math.[2]

This journal has been called "in many ways a point of crystallization for semigroup theory and its community",[3] and "an indicator of a field which is mathematically active".[4]


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