Selca dialect

The Selca dialect (selško narečje,[1] selščina[2]) is a Slovene dialect in the Upper Carniolan dialect group. It is spoken in the Selca Sora Valley, north of a line from Porezen to Mount Lubnik (1025 m), and south of a line running west of Zgornje Bitnje to north of Dražgoše to west of Zgornja Sorica.[3]

Phonological and morphological characteristics

The Selca dialect is essentially a subdialect of the Upper Carniolan dialect. It has mostly preserved pitch accent, has Upper Carniolan vowel characteristics (but short i and u in place of long), and considerable Upper Carniolan consonantal features (but without hard l > v and without k g h > č ž/j š). Voicing of obstruents is preserved in final position and the clusters tk and tc are preserved. Syncope is sometimes more pronounced than in the Upper Carniolan dialect, and syllabic l m n are found.[3]


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