Secretary of Health of Puerto Rico

Secretary of Health of Puerto Rico
Ana Ríus Armendáriz

since September 16, 2013 (2013-09-16)
Department of Health
Nominator Governor
Appointer Governor
with advise and consent from the Senate
Term length 4 years
Formation Established by Law No. 81 of 1912 and
Article IV of the Constitution of Puerto Rico
Succession Eight

The Secretary of Health of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Secretario de Salud de Puerto Rico) leads the Department of Health of Puerto Rico and all efforts related to health in Puerto Rico.[1]


  • 19771984: Dr. Jaime Rivera Dueño
  • 19851988: Dr. Luis Izquierdo Mora
  • 1989: Dr. Enrique Méndez Grau
  • 19901992: Dr. José Soler Zapata
  • 1993: Dr. Enrique Vazquez Quintana
  • 19932000: Dra. Carmen Feliciano
  • 20012004: Dr. Johny Rullán
  • 20052007: Dra. Rosa Pérez Perdomo
  • 2008: Dr. Johnny Rullán
  • 2009: Dr. Jaime Rivera Dueño
  • 2009: Dr. Iván González Cancel
  • 20092013: Dr. Lorenzo González Feliciano
  • 20132013: Dr. Francisco Joglar Pesquera
  • 2013present: Dra. Ana Ríus Armendáriz

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