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Screwgun Records is a jazz record label founded by Tim Berne in 1996 following the demise of Stefan Winter's JMT Records label.[1] Most releases on the label have been by Berne, though a few have been by Berne's associates and bandmates. Steve Byram has designed and illustrated the artwork of many Screwgun releases.[2] Some of this artwork was featured in Eye magazine (No. 42, Vol. 11, Winter 2001).


Year released Catalogue No. Artist Title Notes
1996 70001 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Unwound 3-CD Box Set - Limited Edition of 2000
1997 70002 Tim Berne's Paraphrase Visitation Rites
1997 70003 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Discretion
1997 70004 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Saturation Point
1998 70005 Marc Ducret Un Certain Malaise
1998 70006 Michael Formanek Am I Bothering You?
1998 70007 Django Bates Quiet Nights
1998 70008 Julius Hemphill Blue Boyé 2-CD Box Set rerelease on 1977 album on Mbari Records
1998 70009 Tim Berne The Empire Box 5-CD Box Set compiling The Five Year Plan, 7X, Spectres and Songs and Rituals in Real Time
1999 70010 Marc Ducret L'Ombra di Verdi
1999 70011 Tim Berne's Paraphrase Please Advise
2001 70012 Tim Berne and The Copenhagen Art Ensemble with Herb Robertson and Marc Ducret Open, Coma 2-CD Box Set
2002 70013 Tim Berne Science Friction
2004 70014 Tim Berne's Hard Cell Electric and Acoustic Hard Cell Live
2005 70015 Tim Berne's Hard Cell Feign
2005 70016 Tim Berne's Paraphrase Pre-Emptive Denial
2006 70017 Tim Berne's Big Satan Livein Cognito 2-CD Box Set
2007 70018 Tim Berne's Science Friction Mind Over Friction 3-CD Box Set compiling Science Friction and The Sublime And
2007 70019 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Seconds 2 CD + DVD Box Set
2008 70020 Buffalo Collision (Duck)

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