Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

McNeil at Fan Expo 2009 in Toronto
Born (1962-09-15) 15 September 1962
Brisbane, Australia
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Other names Scott McNeill
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Years active 1987–present
Agent Lauren Levitt
Notable credit(s) Beast Wars
as Rattrap/Dinobot/Silverbolt/Waspinator
Fullmetal Alchemist
as Hohenheim of Light
Gundam Wing
as Duo Maxwell
as Koga
Storm Hawks
as Stork/Repton

Scott McNeil (born 15 September 1962) is an Australian-born Canadian actor and voice actor. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has provided voices to many characters in animated shows, most notably ReBoot, Beast Wars, Storm Hawks, Dragon Ball Z, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Ranma ½, Fullmetal Alchemist, X-Men: Evolution, and League of Super Evil. He has done live action work as well.

Early life

McNeill was born in Brisbane in Australia, but moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was 4 years old in 1966.

He first appeared on stage at the age of three.[1]

He first learned that people were paid to do different voices after a trip to Disneyland at the age of 12. That is when he learned that Paul Frees, the person who provided the voice that greeted visitors entering the Haunted Mansion, was the same person who provided the voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Even though he knew about voice acting, Scott pursued the theater. He studied at Studio 58. After leaving, he tried to find acting jobs and worked as an Elvis impersonator for a short time. It was in the late eighties when he found himself on his way into the world of voice acting. A casting director at the time told Scott that he had wished that he'd met him a week before; he was casting for the G.I. Joe cartoon.[2]

Professional career

Scott states his first role was providing voices on the The New Adventures of He-Man. His first anime role was for Project A-ko, where he provided the voices for three women.[2]

After appearing in a few films and two episodes of Highlander: The Series,[1] he provided voices for Beast Wars, as Waspinator, Dinobot, Rattrap, and Silverbolt. He has described this as the work he is most proud of. On another fan favorite show, Dragon Ball Z, he was cast as the original voice of Piccolo and various other characters. He then provided the voice of Duo Maxwell on Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Principal Kuno on Ranma 1/2.[2]

He eventually got the call stating he was cast as Wolverine on X-Men: Evolution. He continued to play the role of Logan/Wolverine for a total of four seasons from 2000-2003. Scott was then cast in another fan favorite anime, Inuyasha, as Koga. He provided the voice of the Fullmetal Alchemist character Hohenheim, Foghorn Leghorn on Baby Looney Tunes, Grumpy Bear on Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot, Amergan, Gregor and the lab director on Highlander: The Search for Vengeance, and Stork on Storm Hawks. He still appears in live action shows occasionally and was in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and The Green Chain. As of October 2007, he estimates that he has provided voices to 8,500 characters.[2]

Scott is appreciative of fans because he knows what it is like to see your favorite voice actor talk as the character they provide the voice for. He says that he is inspired by Paul Frees, Maurice LaMarche, and Mel Blanc. If he had a chance to meet the late Mel Blanc, Scott has said that he would "fan boy all over him."[2]

Anime roles

Western animation roles

Live-action roles

Video games




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