Sclerosing lymphangitis

Sclerosing lymphangitis is a skin condition characterized by a cordlike structure encircling the coronal sulcus of the penis, or running the length of the shaft, that has been attributed to trauma during vigorous sexual play.[1]:43

Nonvenereal sclerosing lymphangitis is a rare penile lesion consisting of a minimally tender, indurated cord involving the coronal sulcus and occasionally adjacent distal penile skin. This disorder most often occurs after vigorous sexual activity and resolves spontaneously.

Etiology of Sclerosing lymphangitis is unknown but has been postulated to be secondary to thrombosis of lymphatic vessels. Spontaneous recovery can occur anywhere within a couple weeks to several months.

Although it is commonly recommended the patient abstain from any sexual activitiy during the recovery, there is no evidence that this expedites recovery nor that not abstaining worsens the condition.

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