For the municipality in Germany, see Schönbek.

Schonbek is an international lighting manufacturing company specializing in crystal chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps made of crystal or metal trimmed with a variety of crystal types. Styles range from the traditional to contemporary to ultra modern. In recent years colored crystals have been added to the line.


In Bohemia, classic source of the world’s finest crystal, Adolf Schonbek walked away from the family glassworks to start his own business. The year was 1870. Soon Adolf was manufacturing complete glass chandeliers.

It was the height of the last great era of romance and candlelight. People of means throughout Europe lived opulently in homes richly furnished and lighted by ornate crystal chandeliers. Not surprisingly, Adolf’s business flourished.

In London, the Queen’s agent ordered Schonbek crystal for Buckingham Palace. In America, Schonbek crystal found its way into the White House.

Adolf Schonbek began a dynasty of light that extends to the present day. With each succeeding generation Schonbek has made the crystal chandelier.

World wars and trade wars came and went, and Arnold Schonbek, Adolf’s grandson, lost the factories first to the Nazis, then to the Communists. After escaping from a tumultuous Europe, Arnold re-established the company in Montreal and eventually moved the headquarters to the United States.

In 2007, Schonbek was acquired by Swarovski.

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