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Scór (pronounced [sˠkoːɾˠ], meaning "Score") is a division of the Gaelic Athletic Association charged with promotion of cultural activities, and the name of a series of annual competitions in such activities.

Rule 4 of the GAA's official guide reads:

"The Association shall actively support the Irish language, traditional Irish dancing, music, song, and other aspects of Irish culture. It shall foster an awareness and love of the national ideals in the people of Ireland, and assist in promoting a community spirit through its clubs.[1]"

The group was formally founded in 1969, and is promoted through various GAA clubs throughout Ireland (as well as some clubs outside Ireland).


Scór competitions are organized along similar lines to hurling and Gaelic football championships. GAA clubs in each respective county enter teams or individuals into various events at competitions. Each heat of the competition takes place usually in a GAA hall on a Saturday night during which the following events take place:

These heats culminate in a county final. The winning team in each event, in each county, goes on to compete in a provincial championship, and the winners of each of the 4 provincial championships go on to the all-Ireland Scór finals. To win an All-Ireland title is seen as a great achievement and honour for any club.

The competitions are split by age, into Scór na bPáistí (or primary school Scór), Scór na nÓg (or Young/Junior Scór) for under 17's and Scór Sinsear (Senior Scór) for adults.


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