Sathnam Sanghera

Sathnam Sanghera (born Wolverhampton, 1976) is an award-winning journalist and author.

Early life and education

Sathnam Sanghera was born to Punjabi parents in Wolverhampton in 1976.[1] His parents had emigrated to the UK in 1968.[2][3] He was raised as a Sikh.[4] At the age of ten he worked part-time in a sewing factory.[5] He attended Wolverhampton Grammar School and graduated from Christ's College, Cambridge with a first class degree in English Language and Literature in 1998.[1]


Before becoming a writer Sathnam worked at a burger chain, a hospital laundry, a market research firm, a sewing factory and a literacy project in New York.[1] As a student he worked at the Express and Star in Wolverhampton and dressed up as a "news bunny" for L!VE TV.[6] Between 1998 and 2006 he was a reporter and feature writer for the Financial Times.[1]

He joined The Times as a columnist and feature writer in 2007.[1] He also writes for Management Today magazine.[1]



Personal life

He is single and lives in North London.[10][1]


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